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Lap Siding Attachment

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The Woodland Mills patented lap siding attachment is an innovative accessory that allows the operator to tilt the head of the sawmill on an angle to produce lap siding boards. This patented design increases the efficiency and ease of use when compared to traditional lap siding jigs and fixtures.

Compatible with HM122 (2020 or newer), HM126 (2017 or newer), HM130 (2017 or newer), HM130MAX portable sawmills. Assembly is required.

Product Description

Traditionally, logs are placed on the sawmill and squared into cants and then stacked beside the sawmill. Once all the cants have been cut, a jig or fixture is attached to the sawmill track and the cants are placed back on this fixture and cut into boards. Each cut requires the fixture to be tilted on an angle. This process requires the operator to handle the log more than once and multiple steps are involved in between cuts. At Woodland Mills, we've engineered a more efficient way that makes the whole process of cutting lap siding quicker and easier. Our lap siding attachment gets permanently installed on the sawmill head and does not need to be removed. With minimal user effort, the entire sawmill head can be tilted between indexing positions to achieve the desired angled cut and then locked into place. Once the log is squared into a cant, the operator is not required to remove it to install any jigs or fixtures. Also, the user can remain in the sawmill operator’s position while adjusting the saw head angle as opposed to walking to the side of the sawmill track to tilt the cant itself. This accessory is compatible with Woodland Mills portable sawmills featuring the laser cut plate 4-post design.

Patented Technology

A series of components are installed and clamped between the laser cut plates on the saw head. With the aid of a gas shock, the user can tilt the saw head with ease by pulling on the handle and locking it into one of the indexing slots on the handle to achieve the desired cutting angle. Easily return the blade angle back to horizontal by pushing the handle all the way forward. Angled boards or common flat boards can be created at any time and even on the same log at the user's desire.