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  • Wood Chipper Tow Hitch: Secure Towing Attachment for Efficient Chipping Wood Chipper Tow Hitch Wood Chipper Tow Hitch

    Wood Chipper Tow Hitch

    The Woodland Mills Wood Chipper Tow Hitch is an industry first and will easily attach to the WC46, WC68 and WC88 series wood chippers. This patent pending attachment makes it possible for a trailer to be towed behind your wood chipper. Chip material...

  • "WC88 Spare Parts Kit: Essential Replacement Parts for WC88 Wood Chipper

    WC88 Spare Parts Kit

    The spare parts kit includes all the major wearing parts needed to service the Woodland Mills WC88 Wood Chipper. These parts include the following: WC88 Chipper Blade Set (4 blades total) WC88 Drive Belt Kit (4 Belts) WC88 Bed Plate Kit (1 Piece)

  • WC88 Bed Plate Kit: Essential Replacement Kit for WC88 Wood Chipper Bed Plate

    WC88 Bed Plate Kit

    The bed plate kit includes: 1 hardened steel anvil plate 3 M10 bolts 3 lock washers 3 M10 flat washers

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